April 12, 2018


Our team offers internationally awarded Industrial Design services. We have delivered millions of sold devices on the market:


ID design services provides designs from one product up to portfolio management supporting customer’s brand and identity.

ID design team provides the user experience, functionality and the desirable look&feel of the product.

Sales package can be designed in parallel to device design to support the device marketing targets.


Refecor design services includes the design for all mechanical parts and materials. Typically design is a combination of different materials like plastic, rubber, metal, silicone, sealants, screws etc.

The Team is experienced in very different kind of design targets; from high volume low cost consumer mechanics up to high grade industrial applications.

We offer tooling and mechanical part manufacturing services. We can provide volume manufacturing service at reasonable cost as tool and part manufacturing operations are located in cost efficient location.

We know materials and will provide suitable materials as example for food and medical applications. Also materials and case designs according to ATEX/EX requirements.


Our  team is skilled and experienced in Hardware Design. Our engineering is experienced of very demanding designs like ultra low power applications, wireless in harsh environments, processors, long distance connectivity, miniaturization and various sensor applications.
We have strong experience in following design areas:
– Reference Designs
– Single and multicore Processors and Memories
– Sensors
– Wireless measurement and control products
– M2M modules
– Connectivity: Wlan, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Industrial Wireless
– LoRaWan chips/modules
– RFID Applicatons
– Industrial Ethernet
– GPS/Positioning Products; Outdoor/Indoor
– Alarm Systems
– GSM/GPRS/3G/4G Products
– Power Management
– PCB Designs, Mother Bords, HDI and Flex Boards
– Displays/Touch Screen
– Audio
– Electronic Display and UI panels


Our engineering is skilled and experienced of demanding designs in the area of ultra low power applications, embedded SW, architecture, wireless communication, smart sensors and accurate positioning. 
– System SW, Protocol, UI
– Embedded systems, Architecture Design
– C/C++, C#/.NET,
– Java, JavaSript, CI/Jenkins,
– Matlab,
– MSBuild, Perl, Python,
– PHP, mySQL,
– Linux,
– Windows, Android, IOS Apps


Team Engineering is skilled and experienced in testings

– Component level testing
– Block level testing
– System level testing

– Test development
– Production testing; electrical and mechanical

– EMC/EMI Knowledge